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​​​​​​Briar Cove Paired Cottages Homeowners Association

Welcome Residents and potential Residents! Briar Cove is a small community of 272 paired cottage homes, located north of Route 30, west of Route 41, and just south of Briar Ridge Country Club.  Briar Cove is  maintenance free and situated within the towns of Schererville and Dyer, with entrances from both sides.  Come, sit and enjoy the calming waterfall and pond.  Take a stroll around our 5 acre walking path and meet your neighbors. This website is for the homeowners of Briar Cove.  Take a look; you'll find information regarding the Association, the Homeowners Association  Board, the Management Company, Alerts and Newsletters.  You'll find links to the towns of Schererville and Dyer. 

Attention all........ Briar Cove residents .........very important information. As of Dec.1 2020 Resource Management LLC will be our new community management company and among other things will be collecting our monthly assessments. Please note there will be no late fee assessed for Dec. payment. Please click on underlined welcome letter provided by Resource Management to explain their needs​

Resource Management welcome letter